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We have collected the perfect experience of the cozze world for you to enjoy.
Dig into the universe and immerse yourself with cooking possibilities that will make your stomach happy.



We are introducing a luxury (yet affordable) outdoor kitchen for the 2023 season. Stainless steel table top, and 2 or 3 doors depending on the size you want.
Stylish trash-can solution, and lots of other features that make this a “need to have” on your patio.

Gas or Electric – how do I choose?

The cozze pizza oven comes in both an electric and a gas version, so you can bake the pizzas any way you’d like to.

The benefit of a gas pizza is the extra heat and the natural flame you get, but to be honest – our electric models is also a beast of heat that deliver crisp pizzas every time.

If you live in a highriser, the choice is simple, as the gas-model might be illegal to use.

5 reasons to select a Plancha grill

You’ll never be disappointed by adding a Plancha to your product assortment. Go for it, and hours of fun will be right in front of you.


Cook anything you like easy


Easy to use – easy to clean


From burgers to seafood or english breakfast…fast!


Make the outdoor cooking more fun


Focus on all the smaller things that a grill is not made for

IT´s slice to meet you
Have fun in your backyard

5 reasons to select an Electric grill

If you’re living in an urban environment, or want the most cheap way of grilling – then go for the cozze Electric model.

The cozze series consist of a luxury electric grill delivering 2000 watts securing you a best-in-class electric grilling experience. If you wonder WHY you should “go electric”, then we have selected 5 good reasons.


Gas & charcoal might be forbidden where you live


Electric is the cheapest way of grilling


Plug in the power cord and you are ready


Never run out of fuel in the middle of your cooking


The environment will love your choice

Made for more than pizza

Remember the versatility of your cozze oven. It is made
for giving you more than pizzas.
Try something new, you might be surprised.